TornasoleArte, Who are we?

Since 1977, a long history of a group of engravers dedicated to the world of Original Art Print

The milestones

TornasoleArte study, realize and distribute Original Etchings. It is an laboratory-study associated for manual creation of matrices print unique in its kind. Even today, in fact, operates mainly second diagrams workplace of "ancient workshop" of engraving on metal, which arose at the end of 1400 and almost completely disappeared with the advent of photography and modern techniques of photoengraving.

The business was established in 1977 thanks to the initiative group "L'Ippogrifo", composed of artists already experts in the art engraving, it aimed at re-evaluate and disseminate knowledge of the original print, that is those images imprinted directly from matrices engraved manually by the author.

The idea of creating such an activity, emerging from the observation of progressive deterioration of artistic framework, we propose since the beginning to reconcile, in the sector of original print, the art with the profession. Desirous to use only the most ancient techniques of engraving on metal to develop more effectively its offer of prints of Art and to meet the same quality requirements, were deployed considerable resources.

Thanks to the group historic of "L'Ippogrifo" (Agostini, Raffaelli, Volpi and Corbo), and irreplaceable favour of Florentine environment, the engraving art, survived in the study of the artist, was conduct again in the workshop, in order to restore a more direct relationship with the public and become a real service for those looking in the ability manual and uniqueness a way to exit the flattening of industrial production.

TornasoleArte, before under the name "La Stampa d'Arte", operates by now more than thirty years with success at international level, pursuing a policy aimed first of all to the quality, richness of content and originality executive, to develop own services and ensure excellent conditions for customers, to have exclusive competence.

TornasoleArte has an exclusive catalogue of Original Art Prints: from sights of the city of art, botanical (flowers, fruits and plants), landscapes (views of streets, squares and the countryside), still lifes, boats and marine, up to extensive series of prints at subject cats, dogs, birds, fish, butterflies and various animals.
Our catalogue, updated regularly, contains more than 1,500 engravings to etching addition to abstractionism, accepting 24 works made with the technique of digital painting. With its wide range of different subjects, TornasoleArte turns to customers worldwide: private customers or especially companies and professionals.

Here's who we are:

Gianni Raffaelli Mario Agostini Vincenzo Volpi
Pier Francesco Mearini Rita Buccini Francesca Bellesi
Elisabetta Martelli Lucia Cabrucci Paola Prato
Antonio Corbo Giovanni Maggini Roberta Capretti
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